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The AJ Paris Store is here! What should you expect from such a place? First of all, my own products. Products that I created 100%, such as my photo books. In addition, there are travel related items. Also, you might see photography related items.

This collection will grow.

But here it is:

Other AJ Paris Store Products

Prints – For prints I partner with ArtPal and you can find my photos for purchase through 

Books – Some of my books are sold right here on this website. In addition, all of the books are sold in stores. If it is not available at store near you, you can order it directly with that bookstore’s staff. Furthermore, you can, of course, also visit Amazon directly for purchase at

Calendars – I wasn’t always a fan of calendars, but my goodness! So many of you asked me about them on my travels. I will be honest and say I personally don’t use physical calendars. I use the one in my phone and the one in my computer. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the need for them. I’m a digital freak, and I’m glad they are able to sync, as I would go nuts if they weren’t. In conclusion, I promise, I will do calendars for you.

Postcards – I love postcards. First of all, it’s not about selling them, since they are not that expensive. Especially relevant, also is the fact that people don’t use too many physical things. My postcards will be both men, and here are amazing places around the world. As a result, there are a few places I photographed only with the idea of printing them on postcard, so I think you will not be disappointed!

Anything else you want me to sell to you? 🙂 Let me know!

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