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Photographer AJ Paris shares travel stories from around the world.

Ipanema Beach.

Ipanema Beach

In the Tupí language, which belonged to a group of people who are believed to be the original inhabitants of the area and whose language has since gone extinct, “Ipanema” means “stinky lake.” I assure you, nothing stinks in Ipanema these days. It’s probably the most stylish bairro or neighborhood of the city, and it’s simply…

Beyoncé  in Coldplay music video.

Coldplay and India

The new music video by Coldplay is facing a lot of criticism on the internet. People are literally debating whether it’s cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation. Hymn For The Weekend features superstars Beyoncé and Sonam Kapoor. In the video, Coldplay front man Chris Martin plays a fan on his way to see his idol, a…

Puerto Vallarta's La Rotonda del Mar Sculptures

La Rotonda del Mar

Any visitor to Puerto Vallarta has seen them. The La Rotonda del Mar, or the Rotunda of the Sea, eight sculptures on the seaside malecón or boardwalk, is the work of artist Alejandro Colunga.   It’s on of the most interesting public art I have ever seen.   Colunga, a self-taught painter and sculptor born…


I’m Not My Stuff

Many of you who know me personally know that I’m not the kind of individual who could be described as a materialistic person. I care about people first. That is always my motto: people first. However, and I don’t like to admit it, I have more stuff than I would like. Still, compared to many…


Casely-Hayford’s Year

Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford, a father-son fashion team in London, have been having a great year. They sailed to the top in 2015. On Sunday January 11th they participated in the British Fashion Council’s London Collections: Men show. Less than a week earlier they were featured on Vogue magazine’s “The 25 People Who Matter Most…