Puerto Vallarta's La Rotonda del Mar Sculptures

La Rotonda del Mar

Any visitor to Puerto Vallarta has seen them. The La Rotonda del Mar, or the Rotunda of the Sea, eight sculptures on the seaside malecón or boardwalk, is the work of artist Alejandro Colunga.
It’s on of the most interesting public art I have ever seen.
Colunga, a self-taught painter and sculptor born in Guadalajara, the state capital, had inaugurated them in 1997. They are made of bronze and feature surreal monumental chairs. The chairs are hybrids of human, animal, and objects like furniture. 
The most striking image of all is the bench with human earls (on my photo above you can see it on the left corner, right next to the face looking into the sky). Many tourists sit on the bench and take a photo.

Every time I visit the city I sit on one of these pieces of art and I think. I try to imagine what the artist was thinking when he decided to make them. They are incredibly reflective pieces and they kind of invoke something in you.
The location for this public art is where the Paseo Diaz Ordaz meets the side Aldama side street, just across the street from La cervecería union restaurant.

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