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The best place to see my photography is here, my website. You came to right place! Welcome! ­čÖé I post (and will post) a lot of things that are not mine on this website, to share with you, but you will also find tons of my photos here. Don’t be a stranger, look around and find yourself nice photos to share with your friends and family.

The second best place to see my photography would probably be my Facebook Page, where I share photos, and I would recommend you like that page. Facebook is also the best way to stay in touch with me. I basically go on Facebook several times a day.

Another place is my Instagram, where I also share photos. What I love about Instagram for me is that I can also see your pictures! Yeah, I know some of you also simultaneously post your pictures on all social media, but I know many of you keep your photos on there separate from other sites. So, follow me there and I will try to like and comment on your pics when I have the chance.

Another place is my┬áModel Mayhem┬áportfolio page. Model Mayhem is a website I have been on since 2007! I know, I can’t believe it has been so long. It’s a website I use when I want to meet everyday models, not just agent-signed models. I know many photographers who use it also to find other talents (like hair and make up people, or even designers). I will be honest I don’t update that as often as I update Facebook or Instagram, but I try to update modestly. So, that is another place where you can see my photos.

Finally, there is my┬áTumblr┬ápage. I don’t really socialize on Tumblr, not because it’s bad or anything… it’s just that I don’t really know how it works ­čÖé So, if you’re on there and you follow me, please don’t expect me to interact with you. But I have a profile on there, just to give people diversity.

Thank you so very much for your interest in my work. If you have any suggestions, or you want me to photograph for your project or someone you know, get in touch. You will find contract information under “Contact”. Thanks again, and I hope you visit back soon.

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