South Beach 

When people talk about “Miami” they are often referring to a small area not even in the city of Miami. [Photo: South Beach, by AJ Paris.]

Miami is one of my favorite metropolitan areas in the United States.

The culture is as incredibly rich as its colors.

“I came here on vacation many years ago,” laughs Claudio, a 33-year-old Italian entrepreneur. “My love for this city was immediate,” he adds, talking about Miami Beach, one of the many cities surrounding the actual city of Miami.

Miami Beach, and more particularly the southern tip of the city called South Beach, sees most tourists as well as party activities and it’s actually what people are talking about when they say Miami, explains Claudio.

Why do I personally love Miami? Sun, Sea, and gorgeous Sand! There are plenty of palm trees, too, as well as incredibly hot people. What is there not to like about any of that?

This photo is from South Beach. A local man was under a tree, hiding from the torching sun, and was preparing for his next leg of selling activities for the day.

AJ Paris is a New York based photographer and the author of the coffee table book Men Around the World.

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