You can buy AJ Paris products here

Prints – For prints I partner with ArtPal and you can find my photos for purchase through 

Books – Books are sold in stores but you can also visit Amazon directly for purchase at

Calenders – I wasn’t always a fan of calenders, but my goodness! So many of you asked me about them on my travels. I will be honest and say I personally don’t use physical calenders, I use the one in my phone and the one in my computer. I’m glad they are able to sync, because I would go nuts if they were two sets of calenders. But, I promise, I will do calenders for you.

Postcards – I love postcards. I always have. It’s not about selling them, they are not that expensive, but I would love to offer them to you. These will be both men and local areas. There are amazing places that I photographed only with the idea of printing them on postcard, so I think you will not be disappointed!

Anything else you want me to sell to you? 🙂 Let me know!

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