Why I like India

This past summer I had a big fight with my agent. I wanted to extend my stay in India and shoot. I was there for my 6th time, and she simply did not get it.

“But what is so special about India?!?!?!?!” She yelled at one point.

Basically, I sent her this, and now I wanted to share it with you:

Every photographer’s dream is location, and India has some of the most beautiful locations on earth. Rega Jha, of BuzzFeed, for example, gives you an idea with her “16 Surreal Places That Make India The Most Beautiful Country In The World”. The country is full of opportunities for any photographer.

Indians are happy people. One of the things I like about India is the celebratory mood people seem to be in most of the year. On any given year, a Hindu person in India has about 33 holidays. That is because Hindus, who account for the largest portion of the population there, “recognize hundreds of deities, and most have celebrations for birthdays and significant milestones. There are also Hindu holidays celebrating the changing of the seasons, the harvest, lunar phases, and other notable natural events,” notes Slate magazine.

Indians have the biggest entertainment on earth. Bollywood, the name given to India’s Mumbai-based movie industry, is the world’s largest filmmaking entity, for example. The Indian cinematic tradition commenced over 100 years ago with the release of the black-and-white silent film “Raja Harischandra” on May 3, 1913, which makes it also one of the oldest cinemas in the world. Bollywood makes about double the amount of films Hollywood makes, just to give you an idea.

India is more open-minded than you think. Do you know Sunny Leone? Well, she’s a huge celebrity in India. “In Bollywood, a former pediatric nurse trainee turned porn star can launch a mainstream acting career. That’d be Sunny Leone, the most searched celebrity on the Internet,” wrote CNN. Leone made her successful Bollywood debut in Pooja Bhatt’s erotic thriller Jism 2 (2012), which was declared a semi-hit.

India is also more diverse than you think. There are Indians who look like Black Africans, like the Siddis, and there are Indians who have blue eyes, like the Kashmirs, and all in between. India has more languages than any other country on earth, and their people are so diverse it’s incredible to miss an opportunity to photograph their beautiful faces.

So, if you’re a photographer and have the chance, go to India!


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